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The Movie Superstarship

The Movie Superstarship is for actors and actresses (and we use that term loosely...), as well as directors, screenwriters, or anybody else that has anything to do with Hollywood and the motion picture industry. If you have any suggestions for passengers that we need to include, send us e-mail at:

Now Boarding!

Captain: Leonardo DiCaprio
First Mate: Jennifer Love-Hewitt

Passenger List:

 Jean-Claude van Damme

 Kim Basinger

 Cindy Crawford
(nice mole)

 Janeane Garafolo

 Uma Thurman

 Julia Roberts
(nice mouth)

 Bruce Willis
(or are you a "rock star" now?)

 Ethan Hawke

 Denzel Washington

 Antonio Banderas

 Ice Cube
(actor? really?)

 Meg Ryan

 Winona Ryder

 Whoopie Goldberg
(people making fun of you on Saturday Night Live are funnier than you are in real life!)

 Sean Penn

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