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The Television Superstarship

The Television Superstarship is for talkshow hosts, sitcom and drama stars, anybody on a soap opera, or anybody in general that is related to television. If you have any suggestions for passengers that we need to include, send us e-mail at:

Now Boarding!

Captain: Oprah Winfrey (You are so much better than the rest of us)
First Mate: Calista Flockhart (Hey--go eat something for crying out loud....)

Passenger List:

 Susan Lucci
(How long to get an Emmy? Why couldn't you take the hint?)

 Maury Povich

 Howard Stern

Lara Flynn Boyle

 The entire cast of Party of Five

 Martin Short
(Just go away already!)

 MTV's Tom Green
(YOU are a dork!)

 Jonathan Taylor Thomas

 Martha Stewart

Sally Jesse Raphael

Sarah Michelle Gellar


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